LiquiCell Seat Pads

Enjoy sitting for longer periods of time!

LiquiCell Seat Pads allow you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. Take it to the office, sporting events, work-shops and long driving trips. Order your seat pad today and sit comfortably all day long!
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Reduce the discomfort and muscle fatigue you feel from sitting for long periods of time with our LiquiCell Seat Pad! Its advanced LiquiCell technology provides relief from pressure and aids circulation through constant liquid floatation.

  • Sit in comfort wherever you go
  • Fold it up and take it anywhere
  • Stay balanced on any sitting surface
  • Reduce soreness in the back & tailbone
  • Improve blood flow & circulation by 150%
  • Enjoy a solution that surpasses air, gel & foam

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Our LiquiCell Seat Pads are just a ¼ inch thick, filled with just the right amount of liquid to ensure relief from muscle pressure and sitting fatigue by increasing circulation.

Is LiquiCell bulky?
No. It is a very thin technology that works best when a very small amount of liquid is used. In most cases the LiquiCell membrane weighs significantly less and is dramatically less bulky than competitive forms of padding.

Why is LiquiCell so thin?
Too much liquid is counterproductive because it will cause the rise of force with the rise of the imprint of the body (depth of the body) into the cushion (pressure build up). Instead of pressure build up, the liquid in LiquiCell provides a thin layer of fluid on the entire contact surface, that has a friction coefficient of zero (comparable with that of a layer of ice), and thus allowing free movement without introducing shear force at the contact area.

By equalizing the pressure put on your tailbone and legs while sitting, LiquiCell Seat Pads eliminate muscle fatigue and soreness. Game days, concerts and beach outings are now more enjoyable than ever with LiquiCell!

LiquiCell Seat Pads are ideal for:
  • Long Car Rides
  • Office Chairs
  • Truck Drivers
  • Bus Drivers
  • Airplane Travelers
  • Sports Events
  • Concerts
  • Pilots
  • Meditation
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • And More!


LiquiCell Seat Pads vs. Gel/Foam

Most widely available seat pads are equipped with air, gel or foam, all of which can create an unbalanced surface and result in ineffective pain prevention.

But our LiquiCell Seat Pads ensure relief from muscle pressure and sitting fatigue by increasing circulation. By imitating constant liquid flotation, hours of sitting actually feel like minutes. No tail burn, no lower back pain and no numbness! How? LiquiCell Seat Pads aren't just another layer of padding, they actually increase circulation by 150%.

Medical and scientific evidence proves that while gel, foam and air padding provides some relief from discomfort, they do not protect against the harmful effects of friction and shear stress — two of the most influential factors related to muscle fatigue addressed by LiquiCell.

Ultra-thin, durable and light-weight, LiquiCell Seat Pads are the latest and greatest leap forward in comfort technology. Reach nirvana more comfortably than ever with LiquiCell!


With Liqicell, less is more.

LiquiCell is a medical technology that protects skin tissues from being stretched and torn, thereby optimizing blood flow This ultra-thin cell contains a liquid that is in constant motion allowing the body to glide or float with the seat. What this means, is greater long-term seating comfort due to reduced and even elimination of occupant fatigue, numbness, fidgeting and tail burn.




“Long Term Blood Perfusion When Sitting on Three Different Cushioning Materials”

Goossens, Delft University of Technology, March 2006

Delft University conducted a study to determine the affect of various cushioning materials on blood perfusion (flow) over time. The aim of the study was to compare blood perfusion in the tissue in a live setting as opposed to a laboratory to get a more accurate reflection of real life conditions. The results of the study show that from the initial point of contact to some time later, LiquiCell actually improves blood perfusion by 150%, whereas gel and foam show a decrease in blood perfusion.

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Read what customers are saying about our LiquiCell Seat Pads:

"I am now able to work at my desk without having to stand at intervals. I experienced no pain while sitting and was able to work a full day. I am now a believer in the [LiquiCell Seat Pad] and have told others about it."
— Jackie R.

"As a part of my job, I spend countless hours in my vehicle. My first experience with the [LiquiCell Seat Pad] was a road trip of 1,200 miles in 5 days, and the relief and comfort from the pad were remarkable. Since then, I have traveled close to 10,000 miles and can honestly say that I would not leave home without it."
— Murray D.

"I purchased [the LiquiCell Seat Pad] as a gift for my elderly mother, who has been experiencing frequent discomfort and soreness when she sits for long periods. After using the cushion for the first time, on a 6-hour flight, she reported with some surprise that she wasn't sore at all. She likes the fact that the cushion is easily transportable — she can easily carry it with her whenever she expects to be sitting."
— Laura P.

"I used to feel restless sitting in my chair all day at work. Now with my LiquiCell Seat Pad, I found that I can work continuously without feeling like I need to stand or walk around frequently. Because of this, I don’t feel sluggish while working at my desk and am comfortable all day long!"
— Alyssa F.

“I spend long hours at the computer and find the Extended Comfort Seat Pad extremely comfortable and very effective in alleviating the pressure of prolonged sitting. I move it all over the house wherever I sit, at my computer, watching TV or eating. The comfort level is beyond description. It is ultra-thin and portable. I took it to the movies with me and what a difference. There wasn’t any discomfort after sitting for 2 hours. I would recommend this seat pad for everyone.”
— Cathy Bruen on

“I got the Gel Seat Cushion by LiquiCell to use in my writing class which had hard chairs. I found I could sit for hours without fidgeting. My tail bone did not get numb. I started to take it everywhere with me. And the funny thing is I also use it on my recliner at home. It is amazing for such a thin product. I also use their Walk on Water Insoles with the LiquiCell Technology in my walking shoes. I can walk longer without getting tired. I just found out Florsheim shoes come with LiquiCell built in the shoe. I highly recommend the Seat Pad for anyone who has to sit for long periods of time.”
— As reviewed on: Yahoo Review for LiquiCell Seat Pad

“At first I thought this seat pad was too thin to be effective and was tempted to send it back. However, I tried it for a few hours and then took it away to see if I could tell the difference. Wow! I became a believer. It is great if you are sitting at the computer most of the day.”
— As reviewed on: Yahoo Review for LiquiCell Seat Pad

“Sitting in an office chair at the computer all day takes a toll, even when you are lucky enough to work in an office that has yoga classes in the conference room! I didn’t even realize how much pressure there was on my tailbone until I had been sitting on my new LiquiCell Seat Pad for a few days, and then removed it to let a colleague test it out. Yikes! I felt about 30 lbs heavier! Needless to say I took back my seat pad, and have not experienced the dull, aching sensation from sitting too long since!”
— Katherine Rae from YogaYournal

"As a national/international lecturer and book author, I am constantly on the road, airplanes, and hotels. I use the  liquicell seat pad on the airplane. It is thin and fits in my carry-on computer bag. It is the difference between being having symptoms and not having symptoms at my destination.   I also use the liquicell shoe inserts, as am literally on my feet for days when I am doing my lecture series.   Lastly I just ordered the liquicell sleep pad that will fit in my suitcase nicely. As the beds in international hotels are not always comfortable. So whatever I can do to help sleep when traveling is worth every penny.   I am very grateful for the liquicell technology as it makes it possible for me to travel without symptoms."
  — Kim Stockheimer, Holmen, WI

"It works great! I have tested it by using it for few days and not using next day to feel the difference. I was surprised how well it works and realized how tired I used to get at end of the day. There is no reason to get used to unnecessary pain. I have multiple of them now, one for work chair one for home computer chair and one for the car. I also carry it along for the long plane rides. We also used it on our coast to coast road trip and never felt tired of driving. I also buy it for gifting. Strongly recommend the product."
— Tushar on