Ergo21 Lumbar Cushion


  • Deep Rest and Relaxation for the Spine- Enjoy sitting for longer periods of time
  • Liquid Filled Membranes eliminate hot spots when you lean against the Lumbar Support
  • High Resilience Foam, molds and fills in the gaps to support the spine in a natural way without the annoying hump/bump that other Lumbar Cushions have.
  • Liquid-Filled Membranes improve Blood Flow and Circulation by 150%
  • Ultra-thin cells contain Liquid that’s in constant motion allowing the body to glide and float
  • The Small Lumbar Cushion can also be used as a seat cushion or meditation cushion.

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The Inside Story of Ergo21 Lumbar Support Cushion

After repeated requests from fans of our line of Ergo 21 Seat Cushions who demanded that we make a Lumbar Cushion for the back, we went back to the drawing board. We are glad to present you with our Ergo21 Lumbar Support Cushions in two sizes. The large Lumbar Support Cushion for high back chairs, recliners, trucks, and car seats. And the regular size for standard low back chairs.

Over the years I have tried quite a few Lumbar Support Cushions and have found that most of them have a hump/bump supposedly to fill in the gap in the C curve of the spine. But, after using them for less than ten minutes the hump digs in and the pressure blocks the circulation. And they end up behind the sofa!

With our Ergo 21 Lumbar Support Cushion, we chose a High Resilience Foam, which molds and fills in the gaps to support the spine in a natural way. And the LiquiCell Membranes keep the blood and nutrients flowing giving you comfort and rest without the pressure. Watch the LiquiCell Video on our site.

Our cushions are made here in Los Angeles, USA. We use the High Resilience foam that retains the shape after repeated sittings for years to come. In addition a top fashion designer was involved with the fabric selections and construction to make all our Cushions looks sleek, modern, and high end!

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Best Regards, Steve Gambhir – Ergo 21 Product Designer


Steve Gambhir

Steve Gambhir – Designer of Ergo 21 Extreme Comfort Seat Cushions – Finally a way to sit or drive for hours in comfort!

Steve’s Interests:

Yoga & Meditation
Long walks by the beach
Member of and BNI International
Took acting, comedy and improv at the Orange Coast College for 3 years
Performed at 250 shows at various clubs including Irvine Improv
Acted in one independent movie – but did not want to quit his day job ☺
Currently writing for Health & Fitness blog at

Steve Gambhir is also a Health and Wellness Coach who is passionate about food, nutrition and general fitness. Steve is dedicated to helping everyone he meets live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

In addition to being active in his southern California community of Newport Beach, Steve also founded Ergo21 “Tools for Health and Fitness,” and the blog which provides guidelines for healthy living.

His Ergo21 Extreme Comfort Seat Cushions and Insoles are available at Ergo21 and have helped thousands to be on their feet all day long and sit in comfort for long periods of time.

His following articles have helped many regain their health and have gotten a great response from doctors and health professionals:



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