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LiquiCell Technology Overview

Using an innovative combination of a low viscosity fluid and strategically placed seal points that control the flow of liquid, LiquiCell reduces discomfort associated with prolonged contact between the body and an object. By equalizing perpendicular pressure at the point of contact (thus reducing pressure), soft tissue compression is greatly reduced thereby significantly reducing skin friction and soft tissue shear stress. Medical and scientific evidence proves that while gels, foams and air do provide some relief of discomfort through perpendicular pressure reduction, they do not protect against the harmful effects of friction and shear stress, two of the most influential factors related to discomfort, pain and trauma (pressure sores).

Each LiquiCell pad is specifically designed and customized to meet the needs of the product application. Thin, light weight and extremely pliable, the pad is comprised of two urethane membranes sealed around a low viscosity liquid. Seal points control the flow of liquid to equalize pressure and provide a cushiony lubrication at the point of contact on the body.


Liquicell Frequenty Asked Questions

Is LiquiCell mercury free?


Is LiquiCell FDA registered?


Why is LiquiCell so thin?

Too much liquid is counterproductive because it will cause the rise of force with the rise of the imprint of the body (depth of the body) into the cushion (pressure build up). Instead of pressure build up, the liquid in LiquiCell provides a thin layer of fluid on the entire contact surface, that has a friction coefficient of zero (comparable with that of a layer of ice), and thus allowing free movement without introducing shear force at the contact area.

How does LiquiCell compare to gel, foam and air?

No other technology addresses soft tissue shear stress like LiquiCell. For relief of discomfort it is imperative that shear forces are reduced to the greatest extent.

What is the viscosity of fluid in LiquiCell?

The viscosity is very near 1 (water).

Is LiquiCell latex-free?


Is LiquiCell bulky?

No. It is a very thin technology that works best when a very small amount of liquid is used. In most cases the LiquiCell membrane weighs significantly less and is dramatically less bulky than competitive forms of padding.

Will LiquiCell leak or burst?

LiquiCell has perfected a manufacturing process to the point where LiquiCell membranes are designed and built to withstand very high load pressures; load points that exceed industry standards. Using an independent laboratory, LiquiCell membranes over and over again, throughout the years, have withstood load pressures that are in excess of the various product needs. Under normal usage and operations LiquiCell will not burst or leak unless the outer skin is physically punctured or degraded.

Is LiquiCell affected by temperature?

No. LiquiCell tends to ambient temperature, and in fact the viscosity of the fluid changes very little between -40°F and +300°F.

Is LiquiCell customizable?

Yes. Most all LiquiCell membranes are designed specific to the product application and need.

Our Products

Ergo21 - Meditation Cushion

Meditation Cushion


Ergo21 Meditation Cushions incorporate LiquiCell, a medical technology that assists in the prevention of stretched or torn skin tissue resulting in optimized blood flow.

The ultra-thin LiquiCell cells contain a liquid that is in constant motion allowing the body to glide or float over the mattress.

The Ergo 21 Meditation Cushions are specifically designed for key areas of the body most susceptible to skin breakdown due to the presence of a bony prominence along with shear and friction.

  • Take pressure off of the spine, hips, ankles and calf
  • No more numb legs or buttocks
  • Improved comfort for a deeper meditation experience
  • Natural slope keeps spine straight and breath unobstructed
  • Increase blood flow & circulation by 150%


Size: 39 X 25 X 2.5 inches- with a gradual slope
Weight: 5 lbs. 13 OZ.
High Quality Nylon cover. Just wipe clean with wet rag.
Four LiquiCell Membranes
High Resilience Foam provides proper support and floating feeling